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“85% of expert marketers claim that lead generation marketing is the most significant element in their marketing arsenal. Yet only 42% of business owners have a fully functioning plan in place.”

All businesses need customers to grow. To get those customers, companies need to market to potential customers first and gain their attention. This is where lead generation marketing strategy comes into play. A study by Marketo showed that companies with great lead generation practices achieved at least 133 percent much more revenue than enterprises that don’t have sound techniques in place.

Strategies we follow that generate high quality leads are:

Our strong lead generation process revolves around:

What is Account-Based Marketing for Lead Generation?

“40 percent of companies using Account-Based Marketing plan to grow their efforts.”

Account-based marketing is a greatly productive strategy that targets specific companies with personalized campaigns, instead of targeting large groups as a whole. It is:

Benefits of Account-Based Marketing with Zoom Digital?

Generate new accounts, track target accounts, and build lead lists based on potential buyer intent data intent with Zoom Digital. Contact Us


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